CA Election 2021: ICAI issues clarification on difficulties faced by Chartered Accountants in exercising Option to get Polling Booth re-allotted

1. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has issued the clarification regarding Difficulties faced by Members in exercising the option to get polling booths re-allotted.

2. The entire online process of submission of options for re-allotment of polling booths as well its architecture was re-visited and no technical inconsistency or glitch came to notice.

3. Delay in receipt of OTP through email can be attributed to email host server being used by the member; OTP through email is a system authentication process and ought to stay;  Members may please get their mobile number and /or email updated on the Self-service portal of the Institute; and Error message at the submission stage could be a local internet issue at user end. In all such cases where the member is unable to enter his request successfully for re-allotment of polling booth despite repeated attempts, he may send scanned image of his request letter in the format duly signed from his registered email id to

4. The format by email only duly filled-in, signed and scanned image should be received by the undersigned on or before 11th November, 2021 if the change sought is from a city to new city in a different regional constituency in terms of Rule 6(2), 18th November 2021 if the change sought is from a polling booth to another polling booth in the same regional constituency in terms of Rule 5. It is however clarified that the Returning Officer, may at his discretion, permit such manual requests wherever he is satisfied that the request is genuine.

5. The ICAI has notified the Request Format for Change of Polling Booth which says “I am a voter by poll as per list of voters as on 1/4/2021 and unable to exercise my option in terms of *Rule 5 or *Rule 6(2) of the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006 for change of my polling booth from the online portal of ICAI despite repeated attempts, in terms of Announcement dated 14th October, 2021.”

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