Disciplinary Committee finds 13 Chartered Accountants Guilty of Professional Misconduct: ICAI

1. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Disciplinary Committee finds 13 Chartered Accountants Guilty of Professional Misconduct namely CA. K.V.Shankaran, CA Haresh Ramji Joshi, CA Nitin Madhusudanji Mantri, CA. Naresh Batra, CA. S. Shankar, CA. Kamal Nayan Singhal, CA. Sanjay Nathala Shah, CA. Avinash Lalwani, CA. Anugrah Srivastava, CA. Ankit Daga, CA. Suresh Kumar Goklani, and Sanjay Kumar, CA. Kishore Purushottam Joshi. The Disciplinary Committee ordered that the name of the 12 CA be removed from the register of members along with a fine.

2. In the case of CA. Naresh Batra and CA. Sanjay Nathala Shah, the Disciplinary Committee was of the considered view that there was only a technical lapse to which no harm or loss was caused to anyone. Moreover S.P. Kumar, ROC, UP & Uttarakhand, Kanpur -VS-CA. Naresh Batra (M.NO.072128) of M/s. Naresh Batra & Associates, considering the Respondent’s age and also his health conditions, and also his request to take a lenient view, the Committee ordered that the Respondent i.e. CA. Naresh Batra (M.NO.072128) to be reprimanded.

“Committee noted that the Respondent is held guilty by Disciplinary Committee and keeping in view the facts and circumstances of the case, material on record and submissions of the Respondent, the Committee ordered that the name of the Respondent i.e. CA. Anugrah Srivastava (M. No. 073264) be removed for a period of One year along with a penalty of Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) shall also be payable by him within a period of 30 days and in case of non payment of penalty in stipulates time, the name shall be removed for an additional 3 months over and above the original punishment of one year,” the ICAI said.

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