Big scam of EPFO ​​officers, 1000 crores withdrawn from PF by making fake claims

There has been a big scam with the employees in the EPFO, which guarantees the future security of the employees. The Social Security Officer posted in the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) office located in Kandivali area of ​​Mumbai has fraudulently claimed 1000 crores of the employees. This has dealt a severe blow to the employees. After the matter came to light, the EPFO ​​immediately suspended the accused officer Mahindra Bamne and appointed a higher officer for a detailed investigation of the whole matter. In this fraud, Bamne has defrauded many domestic employees of his friendly airline. Not only this, the people involved in this case have also destroyed many documents and have done this scam with the help of fake papers.

Sources related to EPFO ​​informed that although this big scam i.e. PF robbery had started in 2019 itself, but it accelerated during the lockdown. When the matter came to light, EPFO ​​contacted Jet Airways pilots to get their Indian PAN card and The bank is asking for cheques, so that they can return the PF money. Not only this, foreign pilots are being asked to send money to this mail id

Know the whole matter

Prabhakar Banasure, member of EPFO’s Central Board of Trustees, said, “The accused opened bogus accounts to grab the PF money of the employees and then fraudulently settled claims in the defunct companies, including Jet Airways. We estimate that this violation of rules and tax evasion has caused a loss of about Rs 1000 crore to the EPFO. The culprits will get severe punishment for this. The matter reached the Labor Minister.

EPFO’s meeting

 EPFO has shown strictness to investigate the entire matter. When the matter came to light, a meeting was held with the IAS officers of EPFO ​​and the Labor Minister on 29-30 July. Trustee member Sukumar Damle says that the issue of Jet Airways also came up in the meeting and people talked about it. The Labor Minister was informed about this matter related to Kandivali branch. In this, the matter of missing money from the PF of foreign employees has also come to the fore.

 CBI investigation requested

Prabhakar Banasure said, I myself was present in the meeting and I have demanded forensic audit of PF accounts of Jet Airways. Although Chief Vigilance Jitendra Khare will investigate the matter, but he works in the same branch of Kandivali where this matter is. In such a situation, we have little hope of a proper investigation. That is why I demand that it be investigated by the CBI, because many white collars will also be involved in this.

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