Ruling over GST on Rotary club membership fees

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The well known Rotary Club of Mumbai had submitted their claim saying that it does not offer facilities like swimming, restaurants, gymnasium, etc, like other clubs. So , it cannot be covered u/s 2(17)(e)of the GST Act. The said section defines “Business” to include facilities or benefits provided by a club to it’s members against a subscription or other consideration. The club also said that it is a not-for-profit institution. 

In the earlier ruling of AAR , it was held GST to be applicable on the fees collected from members. 

Rotary International brings together members to provide humanitarian service and advance the concept of peace around the world. It has over a million members worldwide and more than 35,000 clubs that work for promoting peace, fighting diseases, providing sanitation, supporting education etc. 

Now, the Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) bench observed that the fees collected were utilised towards meetings and administrative expenses only. No facilities were provided to the members. It agreed that no business was being conducted and there was no supply of services. Thus, GST was not applicable on these fees. 

So, it is ruled that Rotary Club of Mumbai-Queens Necklace which is one of the clubs affiliated to Rotary International, has got relief against paying GST for membership, subscription and admission fees collected from its members.

The said ruling came on an appeal to the Maharashtra Appellate Authority for Advance Rulings (GST). 

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