ICAI Orientation Course and Information Technology Training through Virtual Mode

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has made an announcement regarding organization of Orientation Course and Information Technology Training through virtual mode for Foundation and Direct entry route students. The same shall be conducted in virtual mode by the Regional Councils and Branch Offices of ICAI.

The announcement reads as under:

In view of the ongoing spurt of the COVID-19 virus pandemic and subsequent suspension of IT and Soft Skills Classes all across the country, the competent authority has decided that the students of both Foundation and Direct Entry, who are eligible to undergo Orientation Course/Information Technology Course can undergo the aforestated Courses through virtual mode to be conducted by the respective regional and branch offices of ICAI.

The online classes will be launched w.e.f. 1st August, 2020 for which students are required to visit www.icaionlineregistration.org or contact the respective branch for registration in launched batches.

The guidelines for students are as below mentioned:

  1. The course registration will be through https://www.icaionlineregistration.org/ by paying the requisite fees online.
  2. The registered students will be sent the virtual platform link by the POUs/ Branches.
  3. The students will register in the branch that is at the nearest location to their residential /communication address as maintained with ICAI.
  4. The ITT course students would submit the project report to the concerned faculty for evaluation and allotment of marks out of 500. There would be no module test and MCQ based final exam usually held for ITT students at the branches during / after the training.
  5. Attendance will be marked in between sessions and in mid sessions.
  6. The student should have Internet facility.
  7. Students are required to complete the Course without discontinuity. Students not attending classes for any particular day will be marked absent and will have to compensate their attendance in another batch in the same PoU.
  8. Students are required to maintain discipline and decorum apart from adhering to the formal dress code. For misbehaviour/ nuisance in the class, the faculty will have the power to make a note and on the basis of which, issue of Programme Completion Certificate may be withheld.
  9. Completion certificate will be given on completion of 15 days of training.
  10. Please email to your respective branch for any queries/clarification.

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