Not issuing GST bill might cost you ₹25,000

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The UT excise and taxation department has formed teams to penalised defaulters, for not issuing GST bills to customers.
At the same time, the GST department is working on launching a awareness campaign so that buyers will be more alert to demand GST bills on every RETAIL purchase.
It has already formed teams for all 9 wards to keep an eye on retailers for not issuing bills. This is considered as major source of revenue leakage.
The departments has aim to issue minimum one challan in every ward in every month so that defaulter will get their lesson. A fine of up to ₹25,000 can be imposed on such defaulters for every violation.
The shopkeepers will be also penalised if they don’t mention the break-up of GST. Other than this, department will take action against composition dealers who charge GST from buyers at a rate other than prescribed rates.
Workshops for students and teachers along with awareness messages will be shared through newspaper advertisements and radio FM so that people will be more encouraged.

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