Is it worth buying test series for CA Exams?

There was a time when test series meant appearing for Mock test exam conducted by ICAI. But now the game has changed. 

Today test series has become really common among CA students. Students often pay huge amount expecting to get better results which is somehow true. After all, practice makes a man perfect. 

This might just be a gimmick. Some test series are great. Some are not. But ICAI mock tests are surely the best. Moreover, they aren’t as costly as other test series.

Students need to understand what they lack in. It goes without saying that written practice is a must. But shedding so much money might not be worth it.

Some test series carry out topic wise tests. This is good. But only for the ones who are disciplined enough to cover the topics and give the test.

Many times students enroll for the series but never really give the tests. Because they don’t finish the syllabus on time and end up procrastinating.

Opting for ICAI mock test has the benefit of timing and the authenticity. We know who is setting the paper. The evaluation is obviously reliable. And mock tests are held twice. So you can appear whenever you are well prepared.

Well, that’s my two cents. Hope you choose what suits you.

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