ICSI elections on 14th & 15th Dec 2018 – Council and Regional Councils 2018

As per notification issued by ICSI secretary, The Election to the Council/Regional Councils of the Institute will be held on Friday and Saturday,14th & 15th December, 2018 at Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai and on Friday,14th December, 2018 at all other places from 8.00A.M. to 8.00 P.M.
Few of the instructions given by ICSI:

  1. Do not campaign or bring/distribute any campaign material including literature, visiting cards,pamphlets, manifestos, letters, hand-outs,circulars, etc. or erect any stall, or display any banner in the restricted area in and around Polling booth. Please note that such activities are not allowed under the Company Secretaries (Election to the Council) Rules,2006, within a distance of 200 meters from the place where polling booth is located or zero tolerance zone, as may bedetermined by the Returning Officer / Polling Officer of the polling booth concerned.
  2. Authorised representative shall produce Authority letter before the Polling Officer concerned on the day of Polling by 7.45 AM.
  3. It is prohibited to use loud speaker or any other public address system/device near the polling booth for the purpose of transmitting information connected with the election.

Click here for notification of ICSI

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