How to prepare for CA Final Direct Taxation?

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Direct Taxation is considered as an ocean in comparison to other subjects as far as syllabus is concerned. And we can’t neglect the fact that most students struggle to complete the portion especially on the last day of preparation.

Understanding the students’ dilemma, we have tried highlighting the possible solution to this mammoth issue. Let’s find out:

  1. Reliable Source Material- Of course, ICAI’s study material is the best in terms of reliability. But in case you want something much more organized, you can refer Vinod Gupta’s modules. His modules cover the entire syllabus and additionally analysis is given after almost every section. This helps in better understanding and serves as great source for self study.
  2. Divide and Rule- You should divide the entire syllabus as per the weightage and past trend. This would provide a fair idea about which topics would help you fetch the maximum marks. You will find sure shot questions from topics like PGBP, International Taxation and TDS. Hence should not leave the same.
  3. It’s all about application- From past few attempts, ICAI has tried to test the students conceptually in Direct Tax exam. Hence you can’t just go through the text and sit for exam. You need to practice questions and understand the application of concepts.
  4. Case Laws- You cannot obviously cover all the case laws. So the quick tip is to do the most recent case laws and the ones given in latest RTP. It’s better if you can remember the names but if you are in doubt, don’t write the wrong name. Rather use the words “Relevant case”, “relevant authority” and the like.
  5. Revise, Revise and Revise- Direct Tax is humongous and therefore revising the same is a tough task in itself. Bhanwar Borana and many other teachers are now uploading the revisionary videos on YouTube. And this is the best way to revise this subject. For real.
  6. Amendments- Last but not the least. In this subject, amendments are the most important and you should especially focus on them.

That’s all for today.

Happy studying!

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