How to focus on studies during the Covid-19 uncertainty?


Our minds have been enslaved by the fear of Covid-19 pandemic. Whoever we talk to or whatever information we consume, Corona is the hot topic everywhere. Unfortunately, the fear of virus is proving to be much more destructive than the virus itself.

Realizing that anxiety won’t make the situation any better is the first step towards becoming fearless. As far as exams are concerned, we all should at least “try” to study. Not doing anything at all will have severe consequences in the long run.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to regain the required attention over studies:

  1. Acceptance: When you already know that you can’t do anything about it, accept the reality. Resisting it will turn you much more negative. Take proper precautions and trust the healthcare system. Don’t trust the numbers floating in media blindly. Try seeing the entire picture. There are many people who have returned back home beating this Corona virus. Instead of feeding your fears, work on building your and your family’s immunity.
  2. Break the task down: You can’t start studying for 10 hours suddenly. You have to give yourself enough time and space to get back on that track. Start with 2 hours of effective study everyday. Do it for good 7 days. Soon enough you will be able to increase your number of study hours to the desired benchmark.
  3. Pick your favourite: There must be at least one subject that you like or find easier than others. It’s time to be a little biased and start off your preparation with this subject. This way you will become more positive and confident towards your study goals.
  4. Access the Net: You can’t take classes and solve your doubts personally. But we are certainly not in that bad situation when we have zero communication facilities. There are so many people who have been generous enough to provide free content on various subjects and topics on YouTube, Zoom and the like. Do we really need to complain?

Take precautions. Have faith that you are not alone. Don’t let the virus enter your mind.


You will be good to go!


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