How to clear CA Final in 30 days?

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Group 1 in 30 days? Is it really Possible?

Totally possible. 

If you study the right way keeping in mind the right approach, there’s no one who could stop you from achieving this goal.

There is huge hype that would make you feel that it is almost impossible to crack it by studying for only 30 days. But if you just keep thinking and believing that its not possible, then it is definitely not.

Rather than preparing your mind for the next attempt, why not give this attempt with full zeal and zest? 

Every day counts. 

By following these few steps, you can make a huge difference in your results. So let’s find out what you can do in the remaining days that would save you six months.

  1. 80/20 Rule: Believe it or not, most of your syllabus is asked from a small portion of syllabus. By that I don’t mean to say that you need to do only 2 chapters and get away with studies. It’s just that you need to figure out which chapters will assure you that at least you would score near exemption. Sit down and analyze which chapters are scoring and easy, which chapters are scoring but difficult to grasp and which chapters are neither scoring nor easy. At least you can sideline such chapters which would take a lot of time and won’t even fetch you great marks.
  2. Step by Step approach: In every subject, first of all try covering that much syllabus which would at least make you capable of attempting 50% paper. Once done with that much preparation, start covering those topics in each subject which would let you attempt additional 15% question paper. You can keep increasing this pattern according to time left for preparation.
  3. Last day is all that matters: This has been said time and again. The one day before exam can either break you or make you. You should have a solid plan about what you would be studying on that last day. Don’t overburden yourself. It will seem like you have forgotten things. But just keep flipping through the pages and keep going as per the plan. Don’t wait a lot. Don’t hurry a lot. Your subconscious mind will support you while you are writing the paper.
  4. Number of days to be allocated: Most of you must be wanting to know how many days to be allocated per subject. Well this is subjective. If you follow the above three steps properly, you will automatically figure out the allocations as per your strengths and weaknesses.

There would be days when you will feel like giving up. Your mind would want to wait till next attempt. But you know that six months is a huge time. Even if you skip this attempt, you might fall into the same situation again right before that next attempt.

If you resolve to keep going least bothered about what results would be like, some day you will thank yourself for picking up the courage to start against all odds.


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