CBIC started 24*7 Custom Clearance across the Nation due to Coronavirus

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1. Due to the deadly coronavirus now the Central Board of Indirect Tax & Customs (CBIC) has issued an instruction wherein it facilitates 24×7 custom clearance facilities across the nation including designated Sea Ports & Airports because of the coronavirus in the country of China. This condition will remain in operation until the end of May 2020.

2. This instruction was issued by Vineeta Sinha, OSD (Custom) which was addressed to all the Principle Chief Commissioners and commissioners of customs; all Principal Chief Commissioners and commissioners of Custom and Central Tax.

3. The Central Board of Indirect Tax & Custom (CBITC) decided to introduce 24×7 hours custom clearance facility because of the ongoing shutdown in China on the account of Coronavirus outbreak.

4. There is an apprehension that there may be disruption in the supply of raw material or inputs to all the Indian Industries, which are completely dependent on China for the Raw Material. Further, it is also speculated that there may be a dip in the off-take in export to China.

5. In order to make it more convenient, this facility was introduced in order to address the congestion or any kind of delay because of the prevailing conditions. Further, CRCL labs will be functioning 24×7 hours so as to make the test results will be made available at the earliest. But the 24×7 hour’s facilities will be in operation till the end of May 2020.

6. Also, The Central Board of Indirect Tax & Customs (CBIC )through this instruction has requested the Chief Commissioners to immediately work out the arrangement and to deploy the adequate number of officers in order to implement this 24×7 hours facility.

7. The officers must be deployed at seaports or Air Cargo Stations or surge. Most importantly the record pertaining to BEs or SBs which are filed beyond the normal office hours, station-wise and reported to the Board daily at the website namely vineetsinha.irs@gov.in.

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