Are the CA students going to protest again?


ICAI has recently published a draft report on Exam Processes and Regulations.Earlier in August, Students and Chartered Accountants (CA) had protested against the Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) outside its central Delhi office claiming their answer sheets were not evaluated properly and demanded a recheck.


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After that, ICAI had on 26th September 2019, constituted a High-Level Independent Committee (HLIC) to look into the Examination processes/ Regulations governing CA Examinations including Regulation 39(4) of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 and suggest changes wherever required in the ICAI examination system.


It was further said that the checking of November 2019 exams shall be done properly but again students have checked their certified copies and got depressed because of unfair checking of their answers.However, after reviewing the draft report, students have noticed that the demand for rechecking is still not mentioned anywhere in this report.

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Read the Report: ICAI published draft report on Exam Processes and Regulations

Replying to this Chartered accountant Parveen Sharma, who is also a member of ICAI, has again released a video on their channel addressing to ICAI for providing the rechecking rights to the students, whose answer sheets were checked unfairly.

Link of the video 

Parveen Sharma has again addressed to the council of ICAI to amend section 39(4) and provide the rechecking right to the students whose papers are still not evaluated properly and right marks are not awarded.

Otherwise, the protest shall continue again outside the ICAI ITO building.  


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