Amendment in Export Policy of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer notified by DGFT


a) The Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) on Monday issued the amendment in the export policy of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

b) The Central Government was empowered under Section 3 of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act, 1962 amended the notification dated May 6, 2020, related to export policy of alcohol-based hand sanitizer with the immediate effect.

“The Notification No. 04 dated 06.05.2020 is amended to the extent that only “Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers” exported in containers with the Dispenser Pump, falling under any ITCHS Code including the HS Codes mentioned above, are prohibited for export. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer exported in any other form/packaging is “free” for exports, with immediate effect,” the circular said.

c) The circular further said that all other items falling under the above HS codes are freely exportable. This notification will be applicable to the immediate effect.

d) A senior government official in charge of ensuring the supply of hand-sanitizer and other medical products said that the prohibition of exports is helping ensure an adequate supply of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. While the DGFT continues to prohibit the export of ventilators, the ban on sanitisers has been partially lifted.


e) The DGFT has been calibrating its directions on the export of crucial materials like personal protective equipment, drugs like paracetamol and hydroxychloroquine, sanitisers, among others, throughout this year to ensure adequate availability of these products in India.

“We have been asking the government to the removal of export of sanitisers due to the large capacity created by the export ban and the entry of new players in the market. But the government seems to be taking a cautious approach to it. We hope that in due course of time we will not just be able to cater to the domestic demand but to other markets as well,” Rajiv Nath, forum coordinator of Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) said.

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