ICSI important announcement: Guidelines for students appearing in the CSEET


Compulsory Installation of Safe Examination Browser for appearing in the CSEET

This is to be informed to all candidates registered for appearing in CSEET scheduled to be held on 29th August, 2020 through remote proctored mode that it is compulsory for them to install the Safe Examination Browser in their laptop/ desktop beforehand through which they shall be appearing in the test.

The Safe Examination Browser may be downloaded from the following link: https://icseet.azurewebsites.net/

This requirement is equally applicable for appearing in the Mock Tests.

The procedure for installing the Safe Examination Browser and instructions for appearing in the test is provided at the following link:


 All candidates scheduled to appear in CSEET through remote proctored mode are advised to take note and comply with the above.

Official Announcement: https://www.icsi.edu/media/webmodules/Announcement_Installation_safeexambrowser_appearing_CSEET.pdf

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