Department raid jewellery shops in Bengaluru, over GST evasion

The Commercial Taxes department has caught GST evasion in Bengaluru. The evasion has been noticed by the department after they found 60 kgs of gold ornaments worth around ₹21 crore without GST documents. The search operations has conducted on 23 jewellers at Ranganatha Mansion and Sakalajee Market in Chickpet area in Bengaluru.

The gold ornaments caught has evaded GST of ₹1.3 crore. The said raid was based on the information that many traders from other states would visit Bengaluru and carry gold ornaments without any valid documents and supply them to local jewellers, without GST invoices. 

The department levied a penalty for the ornaments which is not covered by documents. In the course of inspection, the officers caught two persons carrying 3.5 kgs of gold jewellery in their bags without documents. Department has asked dealers not to buy any goods, if they did not have any valid purchase invoices.

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